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Repair Services


Diagnostics: $39.50 (Minimum Charge)

We will test all components in question and give you an estimate based on the parts and labor needed for the repair.


Virus/Spyware Removal: $79-$118.50

We will use all currently available tools to remove and clean infected computers.  If the virus is too new no cleaning tools may be available at the time and a Backup & Reload will have to take place.


Backup & Reload: $118.50-$158

All the data from the customer's account(s) will be backed up to a folder onto the desktop.  Windows will then be reloaded and all updates installed.  Programs the customer provides will also be installed.  Any software not provided by the customer with the system will have to be installed by the customer.


**Repair services are estimations based on a $79.00 an hour labor rate. Complications may differ on an individual bases. Customers will be contacted by the technician if the labor amount will exceed the estimate or if they have any questions regarding the repair.


**Systems are dropped off at our location and repaired on a first come first serve basis.  If you need expedited service a Rush Fee of $39.50 will be added to the bill and you will be moved to the front of the queue.


Technicians will call the customer upon completion and will leave a message if needed.


Custom Build Systems


With our average one to two day turn around, we build new systems custom designed to fit your needs with the highest quality components on the market.